Crime-Proofing Your Business

Workplace security is essential for any business. Fortunately, it's easy to make your business relatively crime-proof. Here are a few security options to choose from:

High-Quality Doors and Locks. Metal or solid wood doors with cylinder locks can resist kicking, drilling, and beating. Some locks also come with keys that can only be duplicated on special machines (not those available at standard key shops and hardware stores).

Remote-Controlled Locks. Remote locking systems with video cameras that show who's at the door can protect your office and employees during the day and night.

Video Surveillance Cameras. Video cameras are valuable to catch criminals in the act and identify them later.

Security Personnel and Identification Badges. Companies with large facilities and many employees may benefit from hiring security personnel and instituting an employee check-in system, which can include identification badges or key cards.

Safes. If you buy a safe for your office, make sure it is too big or heavy for a thief to carry it away. Safes with manual combination locks are risky because employees may not remember to re-scramble the lock after they close the door. Safes with electronic keypads are less likely to be left unlocked.

Heat and Motion Detectors. These detectors respond to changes in heat and/or motion with an alarm or bright lights. The best alarm is one that automatically alerts a private security agency or local police station, but an alarm that rings on the property can also help by scaring off a burglar or attracting the attention of someone nearby.

No matter what security measures you implement, be sure you have the appropriate insurance to fully protect your business from crime-related losses.

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